Climate & Weather

Climate & Weather
Vietnam has a tropical monsoon climate that varies significantly from north to south. Each region has its best time for visiting: Hanoi from September to May with a pleasant winter, Hue from March to August with a sunny summer and Ho Chi Minh City with warm weather the whole year round.
  • Northern Vietnam (Hanoi & its vicinities), winter is from November to April and is characterised by cool damp weather (15 – 20oC), while summer lasts from May to October and is hot with periods of heavy rain (25 – 28oC).
  • Southern Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City & its vicinities) has a more tropical climate all year round (25 – 30oC) with a dry hot season from December to April and a rainy season from May to November.
  • Northern central Vietnam (from Thanh Hoa to Danang) may have heavy rain from September to February and occasional typhoons along the coast from September to October.
  • Southern central Vietnam (from Quy Nhon to Phan Thiet) is endowed with a long dry season from December to September and a short rainy season from October to November.
  • The highlands have a temperate climate but it is cooler and temperatures can be freezing in winter from December to February. Temperatures may range anywhere from 15-18°C in the central highlands to 7-10°C in the northern highlands with heavy rain from May to November.